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Doral Apartments

in Charlotte, NC

in Charlotte, NC

Bright, cheerful and inviting best describes exterior of the Doral Apartments in Charlotte, NC. Attractive shades of red, green and blue distinguish each building and make the garden style even more jubilant.
Inside is a sensible cream-on-white theme with an entranceway comprised of luxury vinyl tile extending into a large carpeted living room with a ceiling fan, sliding glass doors, and trendy white brick accent wall.

A carpeted hallway with vanity lighting leads to the bedroom (left), kitchen (immediate right, and bathroom (far right). The bedroom has carpeting, a ceiling fan, walk-in closets and clean white walls. Across from the bedroom and beyond a half-wall cut out is the kitchen with a refrigerator, dishwasher, full range microwave, wraparound countertops, wooden cabinets and luxury vinyl flooring.

Lastly, a full bathroom contains a wide mirror, extra counterspace and vanity lighting. Two shelves extend from the shower and tub enclosure; luxury tile flooring throughout.

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